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We’re Glad You Are Here!

We are a community of imperfect people seeking to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our lives have been changed by God’s love and grace, and we’re eager to share His love with others.
We welcome all people of every generation, from the noises and wiggles of young children to the wisdom and experience of seniors. The presence and contributions of people from every stage and walk in life enrich our lives and are greatly valued by us and our Lord, Jesus.
Our worship service is a unique blend of the ancient and modern, combining historic worship practices of the Church with vibrant musical worship. Don’t worry if this is your first time at a liturgical gathering, we make it easy to follow along. Our church family comes from all different expressions of faith, so it’s alright if things feel unfamiliar – we are all learning what it means to be people of worship.
So Come and encounter the living God who leads, restores, heals and transforms our lives through the power of the Spirit. Come and experience welcoming hospitality and community as you walk through the doors. Come and hear Scripture both read and preached. Come and participate in Holy Communion. Come and behold the Spirit’s work in and through us.
Liturgy is simply a pattern of service which engages the congregants and priests in the prayers and worship of God. Every part of worship is meant as a way of honoring God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the wonderful gift of everlasting life we receive through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Liturgy we use follows a historical pattern shared by Anglicans around the world.
Our worship is participatory, joyful, and reverent. In our service, we sing both classic and contemporary hymns. We read portions of Scripture and hear a sermon that relates God’s Word to our lives. We pray for our church, our community, and the world. And each week our service culminates in Communion. At the close of our service we are charged to go out into the world to love and serve the Lord.

Everything needed for participation in the service is included in our bulletin.
You are welcome to attend, whatever your faith background may be – or even if you consider yourself to have no faith. Holy Trinity is a place for those who believe, and for those who are still exploring what to believe.

The best way to understand and get a feel for our church and worship is to come and join us! You don’t have to know anything about the Christian faith, the Bible, or the Anglican tradition to come and enter into worship with us.

Our 10:00 AM services last about 1.5 hours. (includes a church nursery and children’s church)

Prior to dismissal at each service Announcements are shared.

Immediately following the 10:00 AM service we offer a time for coffee and conversation in the fellowship hall.

Typically, we stand to sing, recite the Creed, and for the reading of the Gospel. We sit while the Bible is being read and during the sermon. We kneel to pray.

We celebrate Communion every Sunday. Communion is open to all baptized Christians and is celebrated with bread and wine.

The ushers direct each row to the altar rail. You may stand or kneel to receive Communion. To receive the bread in the traditional way, place one hand over the other and the bread is placed in your palm. You may consume the bread and drink from the chalice or dip the bread into the wine when the chalice is brought to you. After receiving communion, please return to your seat by the side aisle.

Holy Trinity encourages children too young to receive Communion, or others who do not wish or are not able to receive communion for any reason, to come forward to receive a prayer of blessing.
The Book of Common Prayers is used everyday by Anglicans around the world to guide the structure and format of both corporate and individual worship.
During the 10:00 AM Sunday Service we do offer care for infants and toddlers and Children’s Church for those 10 and under. Our children leaders provide a safe and nurturing environment where children learn about Jesus and the Bible on their level. Ushers can guide you to the nursery and children’s classrooms.

​Children of all ages are also welcome to remain in the worship service with you, if you prefer.

In Anglican worship, not every Sunday is the same. Instead, our church year moves through different seasons where we remember and celebrate events in the life of Jesus. This helps us to see our lives as part of a bigger story. Through the different seasons of the year, we remember all that God has done in history and is still doing.

These are the symbolic colors used in the sanctuary for the different season of the church.

Advent: Sarum Blue (like the blue of an early morning dawn, before sunrise)

Christmas: White/Gold (holiness and majesty)

Epiphany: Green (renewal and promise of new life)

Lent: Purple (symbolizing pain and suffering)

Easter: White/Gold (holiness and majesty)

Ordinary Time: Green (renewal and promise of new life)

A lectionary is a schedule of readings from Scripture. In the Anglican church the Scriptures used each Sunday comes from a lectionary. The lectionary provides a way of ensuring that Scripture readings are related to the liturgical year, that a wide variety of Scriptural passages are used and preached from, and that the Old Testament is given sufficient attention. By having a lectionary, worshippers are also able to read the Scriptures that will be part of worship before they come to church.

There are two types of lectionaries in the Anglican Church: a Eucharistic (or “Sunday”) lectionary, and a Daily Office lectionary for Morning and Evening Prayer. The lectionary is taken from the Book of Common Prayers.