Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity


Our Affiliation

Anglicans represent the third largest body of Christians in the world, speaking many languages and coming from many different races and cultures. Holy Trinity is a church in the worldwide Anglican Communion which includes over 85 million members in over 160 countries. Our roots are in the Church of England and our worship strikes a balance between the historical, liturgical worship of the ancient Church and the Biblical emphasis on salvation by faith of the Reformation.

We are part of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) which unites over 131,000 Anglicans in 1004 congregations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Most Reverend Doctor Foley Beach is the Archbishop for the ACNA

We are members of the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas which includes of parishes and missions in North and South Carolina. The Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas exists to equip clergy and congregations to fulfill the Great Commandments (Mark.12:29-31) and the Great Commission (Matthew.28:19-20) by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelism, personal discipleship, and the nurturing and planting of congregations.
Holy Trinity is the only ACNA church in the Central Savannah River Area and is located in North Augusta, SC.
Diocese of the Carolinas